Who we are

Hiya!  Welcome here, the place where we like to chronicle, share and connect to other writers out there in the world especially if you’re thinking of starting a business or want to make a career out of what you love.

Who are we? Two girls on the same life vibe, who live to write, travel and eat. We are amazingly different in our own way and had good careers going already but when we started talking about turning the writer’s jam Huwaida previously ran, into something more, it was like the moment you put fries and ice-cream together. Bloody. Magic. Everything just started coming together and we have HUGE plans for this little baby of ours (we’re almost two y.o!), which we’ll share with you guys!

To keep it short and sweet, we thank you from the bottom of our glitter-lined hearts for your support and LOVE getting mail (really, all kinds.) so if you want to know more about Heartwrite, get involved in any of the projects we’re doing, or need our writing services, send an email to taowculture@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch



Yingy and Huwaida