Telling stories… through jewellery!

We’ve been hush hush these past few months and now the cats are slowly making their ways out of the bag of collabs!  Love, love, LOVE collabs – for the way it lets us see what else is cooking in the world and taste life’s other flavours.

Before I babble on, I’m so pleased and happy to say that one of our collaborations is with local boss lady, Yusrina, from ENYA BIJOUX!  We’ve called it Bookish Charms a story-inspired and for-charity jewellery line.

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The French Bruneian Arts Fest (and Nina) blogged on!

Thanks for the mention!  Read up on the French Bruneian Arts Festival’s Opening Ceremony last Saturday, 12th November 2016, where we launched our first book « Qu’est-ce qui est plus grand ? »


It was fun to share the moment with some really talented artists from Brunei, with delectable treats by happy people of The Empire (they were all so smiley!)

The vintage film posters and the art from Rainforest Gallery will be at the Rotunda, The Empire until the 19th.  Have a look see and enjoy!

As for Nina, we are out of the first batch of books with more coming soon.  If you haven’t already, book yours by filling in the details on

Have a fun weekend, les amis!