Joseph Tawadros

Okay we’ve been slack we know. We promised you guys a creative friend every month and we missed February! Our bad, but here’s our March buddy who we literally hounded for this interview in Brunei (Thanks for being so gracious even though I know you just wanted to eat your post-show sandwich!)

Joseph Tawadros is an oud virtuoso, composer, and literal winner. He’s snagged the ARIA World Music Album award three times in a row, and played gigs all over the world. Tawadros is also known for his iconic moustache and colourful outfits. We couldn’t help but be inspired to believe YES, bright orange shoes are totally legit, after this interview.

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Sydney Sider: Coffees, Kevin Bacon and Dad Time

Even though I lived a stone’s throw away in Newcastle, Australia, for four years the city of Sydney always feels foreign to me. I know the street names and that there is usually a Spanish busker at the courtyard of the Westfield Central shopping center but if you asked me anything beyond that… there’s always Google.

I avoid if possible, traveling with my dad alone because well, #Family. But the need to get out of the bubble and the lure of a fresh cheese and bacon pie pushed me to accompany him, and so I found myself in the heart of Sydney’s CBD making plans of all the things I wanted to eat, and good coffee joints.

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