Fice KB

The first time I heard about Fice KB, I was at Khizanat, the home of Ipoh based creative group, Projek Rabak.  I was getting schooled by head honcho Jayzuan on the ways of the artist when he casually mentioned that a Bruneian is one of the contributors for their next poetry anthology titled Lelaki-lelaki Merbahaya (Malay for ‘Dangerous Men’).

The month prior, I had been to an art exhibition in Brunei, where a bold and rambunctious painting by an artist of the same name had caught my eye.  I could hardly contain my excitement!  Words + Art is Heartwrite’s idea of heaven.  Alas, the book was not yet in print.

As fate would have it, Fice KB found us on social media months later.  He gave us a copy of LLM and Neruda Di Kuala (A section of lovers), a collection of his poems in English printed by Sarawakian based indie publisher, La Lectrice Borneo.  A quick read and some raised eyebrows later, Ying and I knew we had to meet him. Continue reading “Fice KB”