Dino Cottrell

I’m gonna start this post off by sounding really cliche; we love to travel and we love creative people. There is no shortage of that in our lives but for the moment, we spent most of late 2015 in Brunei working hard like the girl bosses we are. Another cliche; The Universe. We totally appreciate its vibes and love the way it surprises us with opportunity.

So when Huwaida discovered a Greek/British photographer on Instagram who was travelling here to shoot a local wedding this month (and to do some fun journeys through Asia after!), we agreed that for no real reason other than admiration for his photographs and general curiosity, that we had to meet him.

Cue a Skype call, and then a plan to meet for coffee while here- I’m sitting in a local cafe with Dino Cottrell. Affably charming and undeniably Greek with a fair Athenian accent smattering his vernacular, Heartwrite made a new friend that day who shares our love for creativity and living life ‘freestyle’.

We had a few questions for Dino, but the conversation all to easily side tracked to other things. Particularly how he feels on smartphones, the medium of pictures to tell stories, and his love of black and white photography.

“I don’t like rules”, he tells me. I’m not too surprised, having just waxed lyrical with him about the excitement and spontaneity that wedding photography provides, over high fashion shoots where the former flight attendant began his current career choice. “You know how they have the rule of thirds (in photography), and they say you have to put the subject a third of the frame- but I’ll put the person right in the middle of the frame, in the center or something like that.”

Cottrell also has a love/hate relationship with social media, which he admits has its benefits like when he (rarely) doesn’t have his camera on him. But when a ceremony has its guests posting images in real time throughout the event, he says the magic of wedding photography is lost. “I’d love for 100 people to be waiting, you know, for my photos.”

His work is ‘affected’ by fashion photography and has a filmic quality to it, evident in the styling of his subjects and composition. As I look through his portfolio online, I find many images that would be very comfortable in the pages of Vogue or Elle. The most obvious juxtaposition being that many of the images are black and white, turning them more into fine art prints than wedding pictures.

We have a mutual love for monochrome photography we discover, conversation about form and focus easy going; and perhaps this is the best thing about meeting people in these industries. That we somehow find a common ground and common loves in between all our different ways of creating.

Explore Dino’s stellar photography here and don’t forget to share this with your friends!


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